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Swift Sterling & weight Till Payday – refunds and complaints

Swift Sterling & weight Till Payday – refunds and complaints

A maltese company before December 2015 Swift Sterling, Pounds Till Payday and My Money Partner were trading names of Northway Financial Corporation Limited.

In 2016 these brands had been purchased by a british company called MMP which went into administration in December 2019.

Whenever had been your loans? This affects who to whine to

If for example the loans had been before December 2015

Then chances are you require to whine to Northway about them. If it doesn’t resolve your issue you can’t go directly to the British Financial Ombudsman, you must go directly to the Maltese authorities.

The Financial Ombudsman won’t glance at complaints about loans through the Maltese loan provider

The remarks below show just exactly how other individuals ‘ve got on. SoO far when I have always been mindful, these complaints are now refused as too old (“time-barred”) in Malta.

No-one has gotten a reimbursement or a write off since mid 2019.

In case your loans had been after 2015 december

It is not the best page it only covers complaints about the earlier Maltese lender for you.

Your issue is really a normal pay day loan affordability problem in britain.

You would have been in a position to go directly to the British Financial Ombudsman, the good news is MMP is with in management, all claims need to be delivered to the administrators utilizing the Claims Portal.

All questions regarding the management and these subsequent loans must be expected in the main cash advance reimbursement web page. (more…)