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How To: Amazing Features Of BIGO LIV App For Android Devices That Nobody Knows [Part 2].

Most of them are just individuals talking to their fans, or audiences. But what I couldn’t believe was how easy it was to find content of people with low cut tops, or dance seductively. As soon as I clicked on Showbiz, I was immediately overwhelmed at the amount of content, and how little to no organisation there is to the types of content. While scrolling through, I watched perfectly regular live content like chatting, to dancing, to singing. But then I noticed how weird the content can get. Though it doesn’t harm its overall success, Bigo’s image was hurt by numerous allegations in its improper use.

  • This is the best way for individuals and companies to interact with their clients in real-time.
  • In these sessions, healthcare professionals share key tips and advice on how to stay safe and healthy, and answer questions from users.
  • This is well tested and works perfectly on every Android and iOS devices.
  • Moderators will continuously ban host near the end of the month to prevent them from reaching goals.
  • You can transfer the money to your bank account.

‘Last seen’ indicates the last time the user was online and ‘online’ shows that the user is currently online and available to chat. Our Periscope clone allows users to have a fun-filled conversation with other users by sharing appealing images. To send images, users can just tap the image sharing icon. With this remarkable feature of our Periscope clone, users can convert the gifts they received so far into gems which can be then used to gain access to some engaging features of the app. Our Periscope clone includes gifts store from which users can purchase gifts by making use of their earned gems.

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Any information that you might be able to provide about them would be sincerely appreciated. I do the odd survey site here and there and earn little bits, but my favourite which I didn’t see on your list is LifePoints. I can earn between £5 and £15 (yes. That’s GBP!) a month depending on how many surveys there are, but there are a lot of surveys coming in daily.

You also will lose your diamonds if you delete your account. It could be because the internet connection of the streamer has a bad signal. If you’re still experiencing this issue with this or other streams, feel free to reach out to support at . Hi Sheldon, really glad to hear you’re using Live!

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They have also mentioned the dates of joining, which decides how many hours you have to make to receive your salary. if you have joined Uplive between date of a month than you have to complete your 30 hours and 12 days target of stream. Uplive has recently launched this new feature which allow users to gain monthly salary by just making hours complete. Download the app BIGOLIVE from your App Store today and become a broadcaster with easy-to-follow steps in hand. Do you have to be a host see these helpful tips on BIGO to receive compensation. to become an official host and get salaries by making targets, you have to join agency and become an official host.

Many app users used to invest their time in using apps like Tik To, Bigo Live, etc. These kinds of apps are interesting to use and also for time pass. Not only it is used for time pass but also used to show the talents.