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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A nurse

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A nurse

I usually laughed and joked with my mother once I was more youthful so I would always have someone to help me when I’m hurt — I was always sick or getting injured when I was a child that I would grow up and date and/or marry a healthcare professional. We can’t show count the wide range of times I dropped, sometimes while I happened to be simply walking, and cutting my knees up terribly.

Now, years later, I have discovered my hero. I am now dating a nurse however it’s maybe not like We once imagined that it is like; a nurse’s lifestyle is a lot diverse from I was thinking.

1. Personal Care? Don’t Think So…

In my own desires as a kid, We constantly imagined falling sick or obtaining a bad cut and operating towards the help of my loving nursing assistant I reside with to deal with it. Well, I happened to be incorrect to put it mildly. I shall always remember the time that I happened to be cutting a bit of fresh fruit within the kitchen area as soon as the blade slipped. I panicked; blood dripping from my finger at a rate that seemed like it was out of a movie when I looked down. It certainly wasn’t that bad, however in my book, all cuts are TERRIBLE. (more…)