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The Navient Lawsuit Concludes Without Help for Borrowers

The Navient Lawsuit Concludes Without Help for Borrowers

Navient’s reaction

Right from the start, Navient happens to be adamant so it has been doing absolutely nothing incorrect and therefore this has serviced loans towards the most useful of their capability.

In a rebuttal posted on its web web site, Navient taken care of immediately the CFPB’s allegations point by point. Listed below are two of their key claims:

  • Borrowers serviced by Navient are 37% less likely to want to default than borrowers serviced by Navient’s peers.
  • 53% of education loan balances serviced by Navient for the federal government are signed up for income-driven payment programs — more than just about any servicer that is comparable.

And Navient says there’s a reason that is good it suggests forbearances so often to borrowers. It describes that forbearance is actually a tool that is required assist individuals ultimately become qualified to sign up for IDR plans.

It states that servicers are compensated as much as 60per cent less for borrowers in forbearance. To phrase it differently, it could haven’t any economic motivation to suggest a forbearance over IDR.

In a nutshell, Navient feels as though it’s being picked in in these matches. It contends it hasn’t done any even worse as compared to other federal student loan servicers — and therefore it’s frequently done better.

Navient as well as other student that is federal servicers aren’t put up to achieve your goals

Despite its faults, Navient is not incorrect in protesting that the education loan system all together is broken. As Travis Hornsby explained when news of Navient’s lawsuit was reported, these kinds of tales should reallyn’t be all too astonishing. (more…)