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Virginia NOW History

Virginia NOW History

Surveillance Beneath The USA/PATRIOT Act

Simply six days following the September 11 assaults, a panicked Congress passed the “USA/Patriot Act, ” an instantly modification regarding the nation’s surveillance rules that greatly expanded the government’s authority to spy by itself residents, while simultaneously reducing checks and balances on those abilities like judicial oversight, general general public accountability, in addition to power to challenge federal federal government searches in court.

Why Congress passed the Patriot Act

The majority of the modifications to surveillance law produced by the Patriot Act were element of a law that is longstanding wish list that were formerly refused by Congress, in many cases over and over over over and over repeatedly. Congress reversed program given that it ended up being bullied involved with it by the Bush Administration within the terrifying months following the September 11 assault.

The Senate type of the Patriot Act, which closely resembled the legislation required by Attorney General John Ashcroft, ended up being delivered directly to the ground without any conversation, debate, or hearings. (more…)